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Shelli Makes - Teddy bears & other cheerful things by Shelli Quinn
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this year ,every month I make a bear to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Trust or Cancer Research

this Month ..this is Romeo a tiny mohair jointed bear
Im in love with this size and pattern  bear_grin


I found some camel on Ebay the other day
...I gotta have a go LOL

Thankies everyone  bear_original


Liz I will e.mail you one of my handouts
I give them to my studants when they join the classes if you would like ,
its a basic list of what you need to make a teddy and an artist teddy  bear_original


Hi Bobby , thanks for the info ...I think it could be what Im after  bear_original
great to see you , its been a long time ,Im trying to keep my hand in on the board  , although Ive never stopped felting
its been all work no play for the past couple of years ...its amazing what you can overlook Clover LOL

more tools and gadgets to play with  bear_grin


oh dear I love gizmos ...the site is wonderful

I have been teaching Felting at my local Collage so I figured I would order it and put through on expenses
I can get some of my students to try it out too

if it works better than my work pad I will let you know  bear_original


what  a cool idea  bear_wub
I must have a go ...I was thinking of using a dense bristle nail brush ..that would be great for tinys ..I have a nice wooden one  somewhere
I mean its just for resting your work on ...whilst you get started (I rarely use the pad once the figure has formed ) to have a go

I made a Venus of Willendorf New Years Day to get me back into the swing of things ..great fun I have wanted to make her for ages ...couldnt find my work pad used a face-sponge to start on ..the brush would have been a great idea ...rushes off to see if she has one


I was just gonna suggest something like that
I went on a Kathy Hays course ..she is great
we learnt several styles of wig making using wool

you can also needle the wool onto wool  felt
with cloth dolls you can needle straight onto the head ..although I have never tried

Ive also used Mohair to wig a resin head
cover the head with a plastic bag , ...tight this will be your wig cap
then use a thick PVA glue coat the wig . Then bed the hair in the glue

it wont wash (UNLESS you use the waterproof pva ) but its very realistic

Mikki wrote:

Little Bloomers,
       Your felting of Digby(Teddy Bear and Friends, Febuary,2004) inspired me to branch out and try other animals w/ my felting.
                          Thank you, Loved Digby,

thank you so much sweetie
that meant a lot ..I think Needlefelting is the perfect medium for Animals and critters

sadly Digby passed away this Summer  bear_sad ..he was only young but had cancer ..he was my Mothers Maine Coone
much missed , but he still inspires  bear_cry

and we still have Stan and Oscar ...mustn't forget Maddie either LOL bear_wub


I have used Alpaca a few times
I thought it beautiful to handle , but harder to get to felt as it was so soft
there were a lot of long coarse hair that would straggle , I just trimmed them after
but persevere , it will do it
and because you have to work at it to felt it , it is very firm

the bear on the left is Alpaca and the green on the body of the other bear
cant remember if this is Alpaca or Yak ?

If you have a lot of it  you could use it as core and then felt wool over the top


I love her  bear_wub  bear_wub
I have a think for needlefelting and bunnies
your baby Bunny looks just like my Hazel did when she was a teeny bunny she is HUGE
she is a French lop ...but her ears never lopped

beautiful work

Daphne wrote:

You can buy joint hardware in bulk from Edinburgh Imports: … 92364=S034
I'm happy to help if you aren't sure which washers to get.

You can often ask your local hardware/building supply store to buy the washers in bulk for you.

Ive looking in my local B&Q help at all

but these are just what Im after
thankies  bear_wub


Can anyone direct me to a sourse for washers for jointing ?
especially the smaller jointes ...for 6 inch to 12 inch bears
I am running more and more classes within my local Borough , and buying them in packs is getting very expensive
as now  I have to submit claims forms for expenses  bear_sad
I can get splitpins by the TON
but I need washers for the projects made in class

can anyone help ,
I am in the UK but 9 x out of 10 , I buy from outside the UK

if this is in the wronge place
Mods please feel free to move it  bear_original


bear_original thanks everyone
he is being packed off to his new Mum today , so I will give him a HUg off you all to send him on his way


wigs-001.jpgTyger is off to live with his new Mom , but I wanted to share him , he is made from Vintage Tiger Print Mohair , ..the type of mohair the old wrap coats were made from in the 40S
I was lucky enough to get the  fabric a couple of years ago and it makes lovely tabby cats , when I was sorting it out the other week , I found some small peices of yellow tiger stripe , just enough to make 1

I thought the fabric  was so unique Tyger was born  bear_wub


I will join in and say , he is lovely
and dont take Ebay prices to heart
I cant give them away on Ebay right now ....OK I can just about  LOL
But prices are so low  bear_sad on there

they are selling for rock bottom prices ,
just have to keep plodding on  bear_smile


Jane , sending you tiny hugs  bear_wub


thanks  bear_wub
I have been expereimenting with my dying the weekend , and have some lovely new colours , I cant wait to make some more  bear_grin


I just love your bunnies  bear_wub


I love rabbits  bear_wub
and I love red too your little bunny is  GORGEOUS !
bear_wub GREAT STYLE bear_wub


thanks everyone !
I spent a wonderful morning yesterday dyinng fleece some wonderful colours , cant wait to start some new ones  bear_wub


thanks Everyone
Im looking forward to makng more  bear_original


thanks both
I loved Clementine Dumpling too  bear_wub Marion

Jazzyrags ...Im a tiny addict LOL
I kinda spend a lot of my time either making miniatures of collection
I love my Dollhouse
and another passion is my Ball joint dolls ...especially my tiny ones ..I make miniature outfits for them too ..
I was looking for eyes and wigs for them , I came across the shoes, it was a case of what can I use them for
bear_wub they are supposed to be for Blythe dolls , but they are ideal  for my bears  bear_wub


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